Jan Nicola Angermann

Monat: Juli 2020

Foldable Sanding

Soundcollage, Stereo, 03min 55sec 2020 Foldable Sanding is my contribution to the Foldable Sounds project. Created by Daniela Maria Geraci, Isabelle Pead and Lucy Rose Cunningham, Foldable Sounds was initiated during isolation. Artists and musicians were invited to listen and record the noises of their individual lock-down surroundings. Linked through a retro email chain, they

APEELING a performance by Isabelle Pead, Galerie Kaufhof

Curatorial Project 2019 Isabelle Pead’s work explores the positions women hold as transformative beings and their actions of unseen labour. Through performance, sculpture and audio visual elements, this body of work observes and elevates repetitive domestic actions, specifically through the prac­ tice of preparing food and ritualistic cooking within the gallery space. The kitchen is

White Cube Inside Out

Intervention, 600L White Paint 2019 White Cube Inside Out involved painting the exterior of the sculptor department at the Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts, white. Usually, the space inside the university building is renovated by students to provide exhibition space for the annual exhibition. On this occasion, myself and a few fellow students transferred

Emergency Chute

Sculptural Intervention/Installation Plastic Film 10,00m x 2,00m x 0,40m 2019 Emergency Chute grew from my desire to solve a common problem facing the students of the sculpture department at the Stuttgart States University of Fine Arts. Due to a missing fire escape staircase, over half of the building was inaccessible to visitors of ‘Rundgang 2019,’

Loving Madonna

Digital Print 2018 Loving Madonna is the result of a 3D photogrammetry scan of a sculpture of the Madonna and child. The sculpture is located in the Hungarian Museum of Fine Arts located at Heroes Square in Budapest. An impressive neo-classical building, the museum houses the nation’s most prized European Art History collection.


… originates from Ancient Greek and is synonymous to deification. It describes the act of elevating a mortal to the level of a god or a demigod, as well as the process of glorification or transfiguration. Cults are formed around individuals who create musical and artistic elements through which they can reach a wider public.

Seasons and Expectations (Ritualising the Gate of Hope)

Multi Chanel Video, Sound, 7 min 2018 – 2020 This video series documents myself passing through the Gate of Hope. Walking through the Gate of Hope once every three months became a personal ritual, coinciding with each astronomical change of season. Through the series, passers-by are captured; cyclists, runners, people with their children. Each encounter

Border Fruits

Digital Photography 2018 On my journey to the Röszke checkpoint between Hungary and Serbia, I collected fruits and vegetables. Primarily, I travelled there for my piece Claiming Gate of Hope. Whilst cycling through rural Hungary, I passed endless fields of paprika and small farming villages, where fruits grew over the farmhouses fences. I picked as

Loop of Hope

Video Loop, VR Experience, 360 Video, Sound 2020   Loop of Hope is an appropriation of the architectural sculpture Gate of Hope by Dan Graham. Through the method of photogrammetry, the sculpture was transferred into a 3-dimensional rendering and was relocated from its original physical space, (Rosensteinpark/Leibfriedscher Garten, Stuttgart) to a virtual space without visible

Ephemeral Sculptures (Horst & Maria: The Perfect Residents)

Digital Photography Istanbul, 2017 Acting as Maria and Horst, Ephemeral Sculptures sought to integrate these two figures into the cultural history of Istanbul. Sculpture has been the medium through which kings, intellectuals, conquerors, popes and members of the elite have solidified their positions of power through public glorification of personal strength and heroisms. It is

No Object Of Ire

Dig. Photo-documentation of Protest Performance Cardboard, Paint 2016 This form of a performative protest happened within the framework of Manifestina. I felt the urge to start a protest, yet I could not decide what to protest for or against? There are numerous injustices to fight for in the world. Manifestina was a group project by

Fortune Telling

Fortune Telling Performance 2016 Fortune Telling is a performance created for the ‘Joint-Venture-Performances’ at Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire / Manifesta11. The umbrella concept of the ‘Joint-Venture-Performances’ was for each performing artist to find a partner from Zurich who worked in a different profession than art. I decided to perform with a Fortune Teller.

Loosing Oneself

1095 Digital Photos (ongoing project) 2013-2016 Loosing Oneself is a photographic diary and countdown. It documents my everyday life and the special events within it. On the day that I received the first letter from the public prosecutor, I started taking a selfie every day. By taking these selfies, I counted down my last days

Imperial Silk Hoodie

Silk 2013 Imperial Silk Hoodie unifies concepts of fiction and reality, of craftsmanship and mass production, of the imperial and the profane, of past and present. It symbolizes a shift of circumstances through globalization. An illustration of rapid change and the loss of cultural identity, this garment is an artefact that captures the waxing and

Escape Plan

Installation, Desk, 2 Single Channel Videos, World Map, String, Pins, Research Material; Google Maps Climate Tables, Packing List 2014 Escape Plan was a continuation of my work exploring personal fear as I tried to avoid a potential 5-year jail sentence. The installation consisted of assembled research material, a drawing on the floor and two videos.

One who drinks a lot, sleeps well. One who sleeps a lot, doesn´t sin.

Video stills, Single Channel Video, 16:9, Sound, 1h 42min 2014 Attempting to escape the impending reality of a five-year jail sentence, I filmed myself drinking an entire bottle of vodka. The mere thought of being incarcerated made me panic, resulting in this desperate act. I was aware it would not solve nor change my predicament.


Spray Paint on Canvas 2016 The painting Heimat-Liebe is resultant of a discovery made in the attic of a house where I lived. Originally a canvas pre-printed with outlines like a colour by numbers, but without numbers, it depicted a landscape. A picturesque scene with wild meadows, a central lake surrounded by bushes and trees