APEELING a performance by Isabelle Pead, Galerie Kaufhof


Curatorial Project


Isabelle Pead’s work explores the positions women hold as transformative beings and their actions of unseen labour. Through performance, sculpture and audio visual elements, this body of work observes and elevates repetitive domestic actions, specifically through the prac­ tice of preparing food and ritualistic cooking within the gallery space.

The kitchen is a female space. A place of confinement and domestic subjugation, yet also a place of female power, community and nourishment: the relationship between women and the kitchen is constantly in flux. Presiding over her domain from the altar of the kitchen, she is a shamanistic figure constantly transforming the space, informing and being informed by the actions that take place within that microcosm; she is now performed in a place of power. Taken from the artist statement of Isabelle Pead

The performance APEELING of Isabelle Pead took place at Galerie Kaufhof in cooperation with the initiators of Galerie Kaufhof, Kai Fischer and Arthur Metz. This event was initiated and organised by Jan Nicola Angermann