White Cube Inside Out


Intervention, 600L White Paint


White Cube Inside Out involved painting the exterior of the sculptor department at the Stuttgart State Academy of Fine Arts, white. Usually, the space inside the university building is renovated by students to provide exhibition space for the annual exhibition. On this occasion, myself and a few fellow students transferred these renovation works to the exterior.

Impetus for this intervention came from the unclear situation of Professors Rainer Ganahl and Christian Janknowski’s classes. Due to a missing fire escape, the first floor of the building had to be closed to the public. In previous years, there had been temporary solutions, but not this year. Additionally, there were rumours that the entire building could be closed to students and the visiting audience. With no official information, tensions built within the student body. There weren’t any alternative spaces and the only option provided was to exhibit within other classes, an unachievable idea. Facing this impasse, I developed a series of concepts that united the students and criticised the institution.

It took two weeks and 600L of white paint to paint the entire building. White Cube Inside Out was realized with the help of Jana Friedberger, Tim Hasselman, Esther Bernt, Marla Fischinger, Lena Mai, Nathalie Boos and Lucia Gödicke. The project was funded by ASTA, the Students Council at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, and Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart.

19.07. – 21.07.2019 Annual Exhibition 2019, States Academy of fine Arts Stuttgart, DE