Sculptural Intervention/Installation

Plastic Film

10,00m x 2,00m x 0,40m


Emergency Chute grew from my desire to solve a common problem facing the students of the sculpture department at the Stuttgart States University of Fine Arts. Due to a missing fire escape staircase, over half of the building was inaccessible to visitors of ‘Rundgang 2019,’ the annual exhibition. My initial idea was to install a real emergency chute, mimicking those of commercial airplanes. During my research, I discovered that these emergency chutes are only designed for use on airplanes, and are not allowed to be installed in buildings. This led to my decision to build a non-functional, representation of an escape slide.

The transparent material used to build Emergency Chute made it almost invisible against the freshly painted, white sculpture building, giving the illusion that it didn´t exist. Due to the fragile material, Emergency Chute most likely wouldn´t have been able to withstand personal use. Constructed too short, it hung alongside the wall, slacking and unable to fulfil its duty.

19.07. – 21.07.2019 Annual Exhibition 2019, States Academy of fine Arts Stuttgart, DE

27.09. – 04.10.2019 „Amarok – friends of anorak“, HuMBase, Stuttgart, DE