One who drinks a lot, sleeps well. One who sleeps a lot, doesn´t sin.


Video stills, Single Channel Video, 16:9, Sound, 1h 42min


Attempting to escape the impending reality of a five-year jail sentence, I filmed myself drinking an entire bottle of vodka. The mere thought of being incarcerated made me panic, resulting in this desperate act. I was aware it would not solve nor change my predicament. It was an enactment of a stereotypical behaviour; an image common in our society and often glorified by literature and film.

Facing the camera, I try to stare into the eyes of the viewer, yet my gaze is unsteady. There is silence. The only sounds are the unscrewing of the cap, vodka swilling in my glass, the scratch of flint as cigarettes are lit and my sighs whilst I constantly inhale smoke.

13.07. – 15.07.2014 Annual Exhibition 2014, States Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, DE