Imperial Silk Hoodie




Imperial Silk Hoodie unifies concepts of fiction and reality, of craftsmanship and mass production, of the imperial and the profane, of past and present. It symbolizes a shift of circumstances through globalization. An illustration of rapid change and the loss of cultural identity, this garment is an artefact that captures the waxing and waning in the formation of identity and consciousness.

I produced this garment for the exhibition Made in China. At one of the gigantic markets in Shanghai I found this special yellowish-golden fabric. The tradesman explained to me that in ancient times the fabric was reserved exclusively for Chinese emperors. Its traditional dragon and ornamental floral embroidery symbolises fortune and well-being. I asked a tailor to make a one to one copy of the hoodie I wore. The hoodie as symbol of popular culture around the globe, evolved as a European working class garment. It can be traced back to Roman farmers but it is not clear where its origin lies.

Every time I wear the Imperial Silk Hoodie I consider it a performative act.

13.05.- 18.05.15 WAVE UPON WAVE OF INVADERS, Armada, Milano, IT

11.05.2018 Body Politics, Doctoral School, curated by Tobias Zielony, MKE

Képzőművészeti Egyetem, Budapest, HU

17.05.14 Monads with Windows, Kaufhaus Held, Leipzig, DE

10.12.2013 Made in China, BANK MAB Society, Shanghai, CN