New Gods – Ravokuhi, Fuvoma, Enkabo


Fashion, Airbrush on Textile


Each figure was created to represent and protect an individual person. The person’s unique qualities are depicted through an assemblage of body parts taken from multiple species of animal.

The Chimera is thought to be as old as humanity. Stone Age men were the first to make cave paintings and miniatures carved into ivory. Every culture has developed mythical creatures exhibiting great diversity: good or bad gods, demons and accomplices of gods, heralds between the spheres. They provided a supernatural explanation to unfathomable aspects of reality.

To anthropomorphise is a human necessity. The attribution of human qualities to animals and vice versa is an integral part of human narrative. Examples of human/animal hybrids, such as the Sphinx or Ammut come from the Egyptians; whilst Gorgons, the Hydra and Pegasus, stem from Greek mythology. Mušḫuššu was the holy animal of the Babylonian god Marduk: a scaly creature, with the forelegs of a lion and the hind legs of an eagle, it´s tail was that of a scorpion and on its head were the double horns of an Arabic horned viper. In Aztec culture there was the Quetzalcoatl, a feathered snake. Just to name a few.

17.05.14 Monads with Windows, Kaufhaus Held, Leipzig, DE

18.06.14 New Gods, a fashionshow, Just, Episoden in der Calwer Passage, Stuttgart, DE