Foldable Sanding


Soundcollage, Stereo, 03min 55sec


Foldable Sanding is my contribution to the Foldable Sounds project. Created by Daniela Maria Geraci, Isabelle Pead and Lucy Rose Cunningham, Foldable Sounds was initiated during isolation. Artists and musicians were invited to listen and record the noises of their individual lock-down surroundings. Linked through a retro email chain, they were asked to create sound collages, to pass on, mix and master in groups, resulting in a series of collaborative soundscapes.

During the lock-down in Germany, I worked on the renovation of a wooden staircase. Whist most of my friends and colleagues were suffering from boredom, I was enduring the repetitive exhaustion from physical labour, poisonous wood stain, inhaling dust and the painfully loud noises of the sanding machine. Late nights at work were frequently celebrated with a beer. Like a ticking metronome, the church bells next to my window tried to rule the rhythm of my life, interrupting my sleep, especially on weekends.

The sound-collage I created is a summary of the unpleasant work I endured to survive the crisis, and in a wider sense, the work necessary to survive as an artist. The staircase was my musical body. The sanding machines were instruments. My life was the sheet of music. Beer was my source of inspiration.



24.06.2019 “Foldable_Sound_”, initiated by Daniela Maria Geraci, Isabelle Pead and Lucy Rose Cunningham, Soundcloud.com, Internet

17.07. – 19.07.2020 Annual Exhibition 2020, States Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart, DE