Seasons and Expectations (Ritualising the Gate of Hope)


Multi Chanel Video, Sound, 7 min

2018 – 2020

This video series documents myself passing through the Gate of Hope. Walking through the Gate of Hope once every three months became a personal ritual, coinciding with each astronomical change of season. Through the series, passers-by are captured; cyclists, runners, people with their children. Each encounter is unique, no other figure adheres to the ritual of the space that I constructed.

Each time I walk through the Gate of Hope, I carry certain expectations. Additionally, through this ritualistic act, I purposefully try to induce a significant change and create my own ceremonial moment. This Rite of Passage, as coined by Arnold van Gennep, denotes as significant transitionary phase both socially and geographically, particularly in non-industrial societies.

The timing of this act is guided by astronomy, walking through the gate of hope according to the changing seasons. Navigating time by the stars and their movements in the firmament has enabled humans to create a calendar and determine seasonal change.