Jan Nicola Angermann

Monat: November 2023

Manifestation of Hope

Multimedia Sculpture, Found, Borrowed, Gifted,Appropriated and Stolen Materials2023 Manifestation of Hope is the materialization of the virtual sculptural appropriation of the Gate of Hope by Dan Graham which is further more part of a series of various-media conceptual works gathered in the Complex of Hope. This compound of sculptures goes through transformations every time it

Infinity Triptych

Multimedia Sculpture, 3 Channel Video, Stereo-Sound, Mirrors, Confessional Booth2022 Infinity Triptych is a sitespecific Sculpture conceived for one of two Confessional Booths of Kunstverein Neuhausen. The multimedia Sculpture was placed on the side of the priest so the spectator could only get access to this immersive experience through the booth of the confessor. It results